Guidelines Review Task Force FAQs


When will the updated Guidelines be released?

We do not have a definitive release date but are targeting making the Guidelines Review available by the start of 2022.  This timeline enables us to ensure a thorough, evidence-based, collaborative document.

How can I contribute?

Financial support is always welcome as numerous expenses are necessary to create a document that achieves, and, when possible, expands on, the quality of the original Guidelines document.

Regarding content contributions, a huge thanks to those who already contributed through completion of the stakeholder survey last year.  The task force will reach out strategically to subject matter experts and key stakeholders for input as needed throughout the document creation.  We also welcome questions, comments or input through the email address [email protected]

Who is on the task force?

  • Dr. Jeanette O’Quin (co-chair)
  • Dr. Erin Doyle (co-chair)
  • Dr. Lena DeTar (ASV Board of Director liaison)
  • Dr. Chumkee Aziz
  • Dr. Elizabeth Berliner
  • Dr. Nancy Bradley-Siemens
  • Dr. Phil Bushby
  • Dr. Staci Cannon
  • Dr. Brian DiGangi
  • Dr. Uri Donnett
  • Dr. Lucy Fuller
  • Dr. Elise Gingrich
  • Dr. Brenda Griffin
  • Dr. Stephanie Janeczko
  • Dr. Cristie Kamiya
  • Dr. Cynthia Karsten
  • Dr. Sheila (D’Arpino) Segurson
  • Dr. Martha Smith-Blackmore
  • Dr. Miranda Spindel